Video for ‘Divided’ by denitia and sene., directed by Joel Kefali (Lorde’s ‘Royals’ & ‘Tennis Courts’)

MMG, office chairs, and Dan. 

MMG, office chairs, and Dan. 

Yo all I’m sayin is that I think Heems says “Fischman” at 56 seconds?

Check out the latest video from Kool A.D. for ‘Open Letter’ off his new album Word O.K.  The album is available on Kool A.D.’s Bandcamp for a “name your price” download.  


denitia and sene. are featured as part of four emerging Red Bull Sound Select artists who will be digitally releasing brand new tracks via iTunes. These four tracks are off the forthcoming Red Bull Sound Select Record Store Day split 7” which is free with purchase on April 19th exclusively at all official Record Store Day retailers. Furthermore, each incredible song was produced by an established music luminary as part of an RBSS mentor collaboration. These four diverse artists recently performed at Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 4 Days in Austin, often opening for the musicians who produced their respective sgs.

denitia & sene. stepped away from their usual production magic on ‘Divided.’ Sene, who is normally at the production helm, handed the reigns over to twin brother producers Christian Rich (Pharrell Williams/N.E.R.D., Pusha T, Lupe Fiasco). ‘Divided’ opens into a stark sonic landscape, with Denitia’s rich, flawless vocals effortlessly filling any vacant space. Her vocals act as an interpretation of the storyline that songwriter, Sene, has laid out. ‘Divided’ is available on iTunes and streaming above.

New single ‘Divided’ from denitia and sene. available now on iTunes.  Amazing song, give a listen.

Fuck moving fast I’m just tryin to take it slow

Swetshop Boys ‘Benny Lava’

Swizzymack down south this weekend.

Nashville, TN tonight at Seen, ATL tomorrow at Union for Poppin Fresh.

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Video for ‘Open Letter,’ the first single off of Kool A.D.’s new album Word O.K. out today.

Shwayze’s 3-date Colorado run kicks off today!

Shwayze’s 3-date Colorado run kicks off today!